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Robotic-Assisted Dental Implant Surgery

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A Revolutionary Improvement on Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are the leading solution to severe oral health problems relating to missing teeth. However, risks are involved with the traditional surgical procedure of placing full mouth dental implants. The implant dentist must possess extreme precision when placing implants, and be able to avoid sensitive nerves, soft tissue, and sinuses. If the doctor makes an error during implant surgery, the effects can be critical for the patient on multiple levels. The cost of repairing full mouth dental implants is extremely expensive, and error during the implant placement can result in weeks of pain and inflammation. However, with Yomi Robotic Guided Dental Implant Surgery at Renew Dental Implant Center in Webster, TX, precision implant placement is virtually guaranteed. Led by acclaimed implant specialist Dr. Piyuse Das, our state-of-the-art robotics reduce the invasiveness of dental implant placement, and allow for faster recovery times, less time in the dental chair, and more predictable long-term results.        

How the Yomi Implant Robot Works

Yomi guided implant surgeries start with in-depth planning using state-of-the-art CBCT oral scanners. First, Dr. Das produces a detailed 3D rendering of the patient’s facial features. Next, the Renew Dental Implant team will create a detailed plan of the implant surgery using the state-of-the-art Yomi robotics software. The unparalleled level of digital mapping and planning capabilities allows Dr. Das to perform surgery the day a patient comes into our Webster, TX, office. During surgery, the Yomi robotics system provides real-time visual guidance and 3D imaging to help Dr. Das navigate key oral features, reducing the potential for pain and minimizing invasiveness. The Yomi robotic arm also functions via a GPS-guided digital environment, which allows for unrivaled accuracy over the entire course of the implant surgery. By physically guiding Dr. Das’s hand into the perfect pre-calibrated positions, the Yomi Dental Implant Robot virtually negates any risk of human error.    

Faster Results, Better Healing, Reduced Pain

Another crucial feature of our Yomi dental implant robot is haptic feedback technology, which allows Dr. Das to achieve a level of precision that, quite frankly, is not possible to achieve with the human hand. The Yomi robot physically guides the surgeon’s movements in order to perfectly match the digital 3D landscape of the patient’s mouth, and even shuts off the drill after reaching the precise depth in the jaw that will allow for perfect placement of the full mouth dental implants.

As far as how this translates in terms of real-world benefits for the patient, the use of Yomi robotics provides for a flapless, less invasive procedure, faster surgical results, and far more efficient recovery and healing times. Data clearly shows that implant surgery with Yomi produces better results compared to conventional full mouth dental implant surgery. And most importantly, Yomi guided robotics translate to less pain for the patient, and drastically improved restorations.

Key Features of the Yomi Dental Implant Robot

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