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Cutting-Edge Implant Solutions, All Under One Roof

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Our In-House Dental Lab Makes Complex Procedures A Breeze

The state-of-the-art full mouth dental implant lab at Renew Dental Implant Center in Webster, TX, is truly revolutionizing dental implant surgery. 

Our cutting-edge facility has improved and evolved the patient experience across numerous implant-related treatments and procedures. Rather than relying on an independent off-site lab for our custom restorations, Dr. Piyuse Das and the Renew team can print state-of-the-art nano-ceramic temporaries and design our Zirpeek finals, all under one roof. 

From the patient’s point of view, this translates to quicker turnaround, more affordable dental implants, and the ability to speak with and work directly with Dr. Das and our team of south Texas implant specialists.

Key Features Of Our Full Mouth Dental Implant Lab

Dental Laboratory Technology You Can Count On

Among other things, one of the key benefits of having an on-site lab is our ability to print same day dental implants. 

Renew Dental Implant Center uses advanced nano-ceramic materials to print our temporary prosthetics, which results in beautiful, fully functional restorations that look, feel, and perform just as good as the final restoration. 

Furthermore, our cutting-edge facility in Webster, TX, has evolved the smile restoration process to be as fast, efficient, and problem-free as possible. 

Other on-site lab technology in use at Renew Dental Implant Center includes:

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Reduced Cost & Less Waiting Time

For a seamless patient experience and the best dental implant facility in south Texas, there is no better option than Dr. Piyuse Das and the team at Renew Dental Implant Center in Webster, TX. 

We offer experience, skill, and artistry with the Renew Smile System, in addition to in-house dental lab facilities that operate on the most cutting-edge dental technology available. The Renew team is truly pioneering the dental implant experience, and our philosophy is founded on changing patient lives, one new smile at a time.

Lastly, thanks to our on-site lab services and our network of financing and payment options, the Renew Smile Makeover is accessible and affordable for patients of all budgets. Call or visit our Webster, TX, office today, and our team will gladly discuss the full range of lab technology that sets Renew Dental Implant Center apart.

Engineered to Improve the Patient Experience.

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